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Birthday parties

Birthday Parties

B&B Theatres is proud to offer birthday party options at all of our 50 locations across the country, and we want to host a special event for your child! Available options vary from location to location, but may include party rooms, private showtimes just for the birthday group, theater rentals, reserved seating, projection room tours, birthday hats and buttons, and more!

Birthday parties at B&B Theatres are fun, memorable, and worry-free.

Fill out the information below to find out what options are available at a B&B Theatres location near you, and get ready to bring the magic of Hollywood to your special day!

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Retro nights


At B&B Theatres, we believe that every movie deserves to be seen on the big screen. So, we introduce to you: B&B Retro Nights! These special events take place at least once every month, and provide the opportunity to see classic films of yesteryear back on cinema screens where they belong! The best part? Admissions are only $5.00, making our Retro Nights some of the most fun and affordable cinema experiences available anywhere!

See it for the first time on the BIG SCREEN, or relive a cult classic like it was meant to be seen.

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Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

Directed by Rob Reiner
With André the Giant, Cary Elwes, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Mandy Patinkin, Robin Wright


A fairy tale adventure about a beautiful young woman and her one true love. He must find her after a long separation and save her. They m...

Feb 23 at 4pm and 7pm

MONTY PYTHON and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Directed by Terry Gilliam
With Bee Duffell, Carol Cleveland, Connie Booth, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Neil Innes, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones


King Arthur and his knights embark on a low-budget search for the Grail, encountering many very silly obstacles.

March 23rd!

4pm and 7pm!

Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

Directed by Robert Wise
With Angela Cartwright, Charmian Carr, Christopher Plummer, Duane Chase, Eleanor Parker, Heather Menzies, Julie Andrews, Nicholas Hammond, Peggy Wood, Richard Haydn


Rodgers & Hammerstein's cinematic treasure stars the incomparable Julie Andrews as Maria, the warmhearted young woman who brings joy and ...

April 27 4pm and 7pm

Sensory Friendly Films

Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy an experience at the movie theater, but we understand that certain sensitivities can make this challenging. B&B Theatres, however, is committed to creating environments where cinema lovers of all types can watch a movie in comfort and without fear of judgment or rebuke.
In order to better accommodate our guests with varying levels of physical or mental challenge, we host Sensory Friendly viewings in association with particular films. These showtimes feature brighter auditorium lighting, lower audio levels, and are open and available for folks that may have trouble in conventional cinema settings.

Kid summer series

Summer Kids Series

Yet another reason why it’s great to be a kid in the summertime! The B&B Theatres Kids Summer Series operates during the summer months when school is not in session and is designed to give families an affordable morning option that is safe for the whole family.

Thank you for joining us during the 2016 Kids Series! We look forward to next year!

Auditorium rentals / Private events

Auditorium Rentals
Rentals 1Rentals 1 Rentals 2Rentals 2

Many of our theatres are available for rent - a unique experience for your employees, families, or customers. These private screenings are perfect for businesses that want to treat customers or employees to something special. They are also great for your family special occasions or school parties.
You can choose from a current Hollywood blockbuster or a Classic movie that fits better into your plans. We have access to a vast library of films and will work with you to create a memorable event.

Auditorium Rental/Private Events

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Bulk gift cards

Bulk Gift Cards

B&B Theatres has implemented a three-tiered discount structure which impacts various applications within our cinema locations. One of these applications is our Discounted Gift Card Program.
Devised to appeal to a range of movie-goers from single families to large institutions, Discounted Gift Cards allow theater credit to be purchased for less than its redemption value. The applicable discount is determined by dollars spent over a twelve month period. The discount tiers are:

  • 10% discount: $300-$1499
  • 15% discount: $1500-$2499
  • 20% discount: $2500 or more

For a practical example, we can take a look at a family of four that attends the cinema once a month. Each visit might cost the family $50, or at total of $600 over the course of a year. This family could achieve the 10% discount and purchase a $600 Gift Card for only $540, allowing them to maintain their same habits for less money!
On a larger scale, a local manufacturer might decide to incentivize each of its 350 employees by giving each a $10 Gift Card to B&B Theatres. From the outset, the option would cost the company $3500. The company, however, earns a 20% savings and drops the total to $2800, or only $8 for every $10 card.
The Gift Cards do not expire, there is no service fee, and the balance on each card can be redeemed toward anything that B&B sells. These options naturally include tickets and concession items, but also extended menu food choices, standees, and alcoholic beverages (where available).
The Discounted Gift Card Program is a simple way to make your dollars go further at the Box Office or to give employees, students, or family members a gift that affords them the freedom to spend how they like!

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Group tickets

Group Tickets

B&B Theatres offers group VIP ticket packages at a rate significantly below traditional adult evening admission price. This program allows participating organizations to purchase quantities of discounted tickets for distribution to employees, students, faculty, team members, and other applications. Each ticket is sold at a discounted prices and packages of tickets must be purchased in increments of one hundred (100) or increments of 50 beyond that amount (150, 200, 250, etc) . Elementary schools and related organizations will sometimes choose to use the tickets as rewards or incentives. Some colleges and large manufacturing companies sell the tickets to students or employees for only a dollar or two, thus recouping some of the initial cost but still providing a value and discount to the user.

The tickets do not expire and can be redeemed at any B&B Theatres location. While various upcharges would be applied when redeemed for Grand Screen, Marquee Suite, RealD 3D, or other premium, venue-specific features, VIP Tickets are a wonderful way to offer discounted tickets to large groups. VIP Ticket purchases are processed by our corporate office in Liberty, Missouri. Payment information can be kept on file at the office, meaning a phone call or email is all that is required to place an order for tickets. B&B office personnel will ship the tickets (UPS) when payment is processed at no cost to the purchaser.

Group Ticket Sales Order Form

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Film festival

B&B Film Fest: Shorts!

B&B Theatres is proud to host their annual, independent film festival, B&B Theatres Film Fest: Shorts!

For several years, this exciting festival has encouraged amateur and up-and-coming filmmakers of all ages to produce and submit original films. 

This year will be even BIGGER and BETTER than ever, with submissions piling in from filmmakers across the nation, and CASH prizes to be won!

This is the perfect opportunity for you, your teammates, colleagues, students, coworkers…really ANYONE to showcase your creativity and talents on the BIG SCREEN! 

Our Film Review Committee will accept films 10 minutes or less in length that are appropriate for a family audience. For complete rules, information as it becomes available, and exclusive content, LIKE our Facebook page at:

We are in the planning stages of our next B&B Theatres Film Fest: Shorts

So get your creative juices flowing and start work on your big screen debut! Or, stay tuned for playdates and check out these great independent films at a B&B Theatres location near you!