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Wildwood 10 with Grand Screen

Grand Screen
Movies Make the Perfect Gift!


All seats before noon $6.00

Matinee $8.20

Seniors (60+) $8.20

Adult Evening $9.90

Child (11 and under) $6.45

3D Up-Charge $3.00

Child's 3D Up-Charge $1.50

Grand Screen Up-Charge $2.00

 All ticket prices do not include applicable tax.

Children under 3, when in their parents lap, are free.  Children occupying seats will be charged the child's price.


Photo ID is required for R rated films. Rated R films are restricted to customers 17 years of age or older unless accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian. 

Children under the age of six will not be permitted to R rated movies after 6pm.This provides a distraction free evening for adults as they enjoy the magic of the movies. 


All-Digital Projection