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B&B Theatres is thrilled to announce that work is underway on the first phase of a comprehensive remodel of its 12-screen theater location in Wylie, Texas, located at 711 Woodbridge Parkway in Wylie. Get excited, friends, because this beautiful theater is about to evolve to the next level!

The first phase of this exciting effort will involve the temporary closure of six auditoriums, the upstairs bar, and Marquee Suites. This phase will include the introduction of multiple improvements, including full-scale seat replacements, where dated static seats will be removed to make way for luxury electric, leather, heated reclining theater chairs and reserved seating! Even existing recliners in the Suites will be replaced with updated versions (the Suites recliners will now have tray tables and motorized headrests for a perfect viewing angle!!!!). Get ready to relax, recline, and enjoy the magic of the movies!

But the new recliners are truly just the beginning, as other Phase One changes include the retrofitting of a smaller theater to make way for a LYRIC auditorium. This unique and luxurious space will be designed as a rentable venue for private events, but will also be open for public showtimes every day. B&B Theatres will make an effort to showcase upscale arthouse films (when available) in the Lyric, giving it an exclusive and mature feel. With waterfall curtains and finer finishes, the Lyric is B&B’s premiere experience for guests seeking the ultimate in comfort and luxury. 

Once Phase One is completed, B&B will move on to the second half of the facility, not only making the whole building outfitted with electric, heated recliners, but also new introducing phenomenal theatrical concepts that can’t be found anywhere else in the area! So stay tuned to our social media channels and for subsequent releases to learn what those new amenities are and just how innovative B&B Theatres can be!

Company History
B&B Theatres has been family owned and operated since 1924 when Elmer Bills Sr. opened a movie house in Salisbury, Missouri where the future Mrs. Bills played the piano for silent movies. During the company’s 95 years, and four generations of family involvement, it has seen the coming of sound, color, Technicolor, stadium seating, multiplexes, and now digital cinema. 

Current Operations
B&B Theatres is the 6th largest theatre chain in North America and operates 419 screens at 50 locations in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida.