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If your Backstage Pass is producing error messages or you can’t change your password or login correctly, it is likely that you’ve not completed the on-line registration of your account.  Please use this link for help.  

If your account still doesn’t work, please check for these problems.

  1. Your username should be your phone number, presented without any spaces, dashes or “1” or “+1”  as in 5555553813 not (555) 555-3813 Or +15555553813
  2. Your username should not be a nickname, only your phone number as presented in #1.   Trevorsdad3813 is not a proper username. Just your phone number.
  3. Multiple accounts can’t use the same credentials.  Couples, for instance, may set up separate accounts, but to build up points faster, we suggest sharing an account.
  4. If you are unable to get your account to work, please do not set up a second account, please email us at contact@bbtheatres.com.  Please include your name, the phone number on the account and your email address.

More Backstage Pass Frequently Asked Questions can be found at the bottom of this page.

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