General FAQ

The theatre opens 30 minutes before the earliest advertised showtime.


The drive-in gate opens about 45 minutes before the advertised showtime.

Ticket and concession prices vary based on location, showtime and format (Grand Screen, 3D, Marquee Suites, etc.). For the most accurate ticket pricing, visit https://www.bbtheatres.com/theatres/, select your local theatre from the drop down menu and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Children are ages 3-11, Seniors are 60+. Enjoy the Magic of the Movies!

New tickets go on sale each week, Monday evening by 8:00 pm (meaning, anytime prior and up to 8:00 pm at the latest). Typically, tickets gets posted between 6:00-8:00 pm on Monday, for the following Friday-Thursday. Note: for "event" films, like Star Wars, ticket pre-sales may be available and those will be posted at the advertised time.

Our booking department works very hard with each studio to bring the very best variety of films possible to each market. Sometimes it is not possible to play more limited released options in every town. Our contracts with studios are finalized on Mondays for the coming weekend. New features and showtimes should be available no later than Tuesday afternoons.

Based upon available supplies, the popping oil is coconut based and the additional butter is soy based.

You may make your donation request at by emailing donations@bbtheatres.com. Due to high volumes, we may not be able to honor every request.

We look forward to welcoming your group! For assistance planning your visit, please submit this form and our Events Team will assist with finalizing your event!


Customers must be 17 years of age or older to buy a ticket to an R rated film.

Customers under the age of 17 must be accompanied into the movie by a parent or adult guardian 21+ years of age.

Parents or guardians may not buy a ticket for a minor person and allow them to go into the movie unaccompanied.

Customers under the age of 17 who are found to be unaccompanied in an R rated feature will be escorted off the property without a refund.

Children 6 and under are not permitted in an R rated feature after 6 p.m.

A government issued ID (Driver's License, State ID, Military ID) with a photo and a date of birth is required when purchasing an R-rated ticket. 

The promotional items are available for free same day refills!

The Marquee Suites offer an enhanced experience beyond traditional auditoriums, and Marquee Suite amenities vary slightly by location.

OZARK, MO – Marquee Suites are located in two auditoriums adjacent our full-service bar.  Each features luxury leather recliners with affixed swivel tables so that food from our extended menu and drinks from the bar can be enjoyed at your seat.  We highly recommend arriving thirty minutes prior to your showtime to accommodate food and drink orders.  The Marquee Suites in Ozark are restricted to guests 21+.

WESLEY CHAPEL, FL - Marquee Suites are located in the balconies of select auditoriums.  Each luxury leather recliner features an affixed swivel table so that food from our extended menu and drinks from the bar can be enjoyed at your seat.  We highly recommend arriving thirty minutes prior to your showtime to accommodate food and drink orders.  Runners will deliver food to seats, but no orders are taken in auditoriums. 18+ unless accompanied by an adult.

WYLIE, TX – Marquee Suites are located in the balconies of select auditoriums.  Each luxury leather recliner features an affixed swivel table so that food from our extended menu and drinks from the bar can be enjoyed at your seat.  We highly recommend arriving thirty minutes prior to your showtime to accommodate food and drink orders. 18+ unless accompanied by an adult.


We currently have live music available at select locations! If you're interested in performing, please submit this form and our booker will receive your information: https://form.jotform.com/213224918671053

Our audio for movies at the drive in is sent via FM Radio and the station would be provided at the showtime. Wireless speakers are not available from the theatre.

Can't make it to your movie for some reason?  Guests can refund tickets up to two (2) hours prior to showtime using the link from the ticketing confirmation email*! *If you're paying with a gift card, a refund can only be completed in person at the box office prior to the showtime on the ticket(s).

Can't find the link? You can still get a refund at the theater right up to the moment the show begins.  Refunds in person can only be issued during theater operating hours—each location opens thirty minutes before the first showtime on any given day.

Ticket exchanges (swapping a purchased ticket for a different one) must be done in person at the box office during normal operating hours and before the printed showtime on the purchased ticket. No exchanges can be done through email or over the phone.

Outside of those refunds and like most theaters and entertainment venues, we do not offer rain checks due to snow, ice, or other weather-related circumstances unless we are unable to open or the Governor issues a state of emergency.  In those instances, tickets will be exchanged or refunded in person at the theater box office up to 30 days after the showing.  In order to protect the personal information of our valued guests, we do not offer box office services (including ticket sales and refunds) over the phone. And regardless of weather, tickets can always be refunded through our refund link (sent through confirmation email for online ticket purchases) prior to 2 hours before showtime or in person at the box office before showtime.

All ticket sales are final. Booking fees for purchasing online are non-refundable. We aren’t able to offer box office services over the phone or make refunds or exchanges via email or Facebook or other social media methods. Tickets are for the specific title, day and time on the ticket.

Gift cards can only be refunded in person at the theater during normal operating hours.

*Due to our unconventional operating hours, our locations do not maintain box office phone lines.  For questions or comments, please reach out to us on social media or by email at contact@bbtheatres.com

If you received an 'error', tickets were not purchased. Please double check all of your information is correct and try again.  

Our system will release those seats after about 15 minutes.

One possible explanation is that the transaction timed out. From the moment you select your seats, there is a five (5) minute window to complete your purchase.


Should you have encountered an ‘error’ during your transaction that seemingly resulted in a credit card charge but no ticket purchase, it is likely that the charge is simply pending and will disappear from your statement in 24-48 hours.  We would encourage you to try the transaction again. 

In the rare event of a double charge, please contact us via our Contact Us form. Thank you for your patience! 

Backstage Pass & Treat Yourself Tuesday FAQ

Guests can sign up for the Backstage Pass Loyalty Program online here or at the Box Office using a Backstage Pass sign-up form. Registration is quick, easy, and free. 

Thank you for participating in our loyalty program! Your membership number is the phone number you provided at the time of your sign up.

Once at the register, provide your loyalty membership number (your phone number) to the friendly employee and our point of sale software will automatically pull up the special offer(s) available to you.

The Backstage Pass is our FREE Loyalty Program

* $5 reward voucher for every $100 you spend!

* Treat Yourself Tuesday ($5.00 Tickets) and FREE small box of popcorn with the purchase of a movie ticket with the opportunity to upgrade to larger sizes for a discounted fee! Subject to any applicable premium upcharges and tax. Blackout dates apply

* FREE same day refills on large popcorns and sodas

* FREE #1 combo coupon on your birthday

* Secret surprises and discounts sent directly to your email throughout the year!

* NO CARD NEEDED - Simply provide your phone number at the register 

No. Treat Yourself Tuesday discounts are only available at www.bbtheatres.com

During Treat Yourself Tuesday, tickets start at $5 and enjoy a FREE small box of popcorn with each ticket! Upcharges to enjoy your movie in our premium experiences still apply. This includes the Grand Screen, MX4D, Marquee Suites, 3D, etc.

If your Backstage Pass is producing error messages or you can’t change your password or login correctly, it is likely that you’ve not completed the on-line registration of your account.  Please use this link for help.  

If your account still doesn’t work, please check for these problems.

  1. Your username should be your phone number, presented without any spaces, dashes or “1” or “+1”  as in 5555553813 not (555) 555-3813 Or +15555553813
  2. Your username should not be a nickname, only your phone number as presented in #1.   Trevorsdad3813 is not a proper username. Just your phone number.
  3. Multiple accounts can’t use the same credentials.  Couples, for instance, may set up separate accounts, but to build up points faster, we suggest sharing an account.
  4. If you are unable to get your account to work, please do not set up a second account, please email us at contact@bbtheatres.com.  Please include your name, the phone number on the account and your email address.