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* $5 reward voucher for every $100 you spend!

* Treat Yourself Tuesday ($5.00 Tickets) and 50% off a regular or large popcorn with the purchase of a movie ticket! Subject to any applicable premium upcharges and tax. Blackout dates apply

* FREE same day refills on large popcorns and sodas

* FREE #1 combo coupon on your birthday

* Secret surprises and discounts sent directly to your email throughout the year!

* NO CARD NEEDED - Simply provide your phone number at the register 


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Backstage Pass Loyalty FAQ

In case you have any other questions

B&B Theatres offers a loyalty program which awards guests points based on admission and concession purchases, special promotions and discounts, and access to exclusive events. This program is called the Backstage Pass.

Whenever a Backstage Pass member presents their Backstage Pass ID Number (the phone number given when the account was created) at the Box Office or Concession Stand prior to making a purchase, their account is accessed. Points are added to the account based on the dollars spent in the subsequent transaction. Those points can be redeemed as vouchers at a later time for discounts on concessions or admissions. The program also affords members various additional benefits, which are outlined below.

Backstage Pass participants are entitled to a number of benefits by way of their membership. These benefits include:

  • On Tuesday’s! Treat Yourself Tuesday! $5 Tickets for Traditional showings and 50% off a regular or large popcorn with the purchase of a movie ticket! (Subject to any applicable premium upcharges and tax. Blackout dates apply.)
  • $5 Voucher for every $100 spent
  • Free same day refills on large popcorns and sodas
  • Free #1 Combo coupon on your birthday
  • Secret surprises and discounts sent directly to your email throughout the year

Guests can sign up for the Backstage Pass Loyalty Program online here or at the Box Office using a Backstage Pass sign-up form. Registration is quick, easy, and free.

When signing up for a Backstage Pass, guests will be asked to list a phone number in association with the account. This phone number will serve as the Backstage Pass ID Number, and will be used to access the account at the Box Office or Concession Stand.

Each and every time a purchase is made, Backstage Pass members should give their Backstage Pass ID Number to the B&B Theatres associate at the register. The Backstage Pass ID Number is the phone number used to create the account.

Points are earned as purchases are made on the Backstage Pass account. Provided that the Backstage Pass ID Number is given at the point of sale, points can be earned through the purchase of tickets, concessions, standees, alcohol, gift cards, and any other item available for sale at any B&B Theatres location.

When a B&B Theatres associate accesses an account at a register, the display will indicate the account's point total and available benefits. At this point, discounts can be applied to qualifying items, vouchers can be redeemed, and other applicable promotions can be accessed.

While this is certainly possible, it is advised that individuals maintain separate Backstage Pass Loyalty accounts. Due to the customizable and customer-specific nature of particular Backstage benefits, B&B Theatres is able to provide more appealing promotions to members that do not share accounts with others.

At the present time, there is no cost to join the Backstage Pass Loyalty Program.

Point totals can be reviewed at the Box Office or in emails that go out to members on a semi-regular basis.

If your Backstage Pass is producing error messages or you can’t change your password or login correctly, it is likely that you’ve not completed the on-line registration of your account.  Please use this link for help.  

If your account still doesn’t work, please check for these problems.

  1. Your username should be your phone number, presented without any spaces, dashes or “1” or “+1”  as in 5555553813 not (555) 555-3813 Or +15555553813
  2. Your username should not be a nickname, only your phone number as presented in #1.   Trevorsdad3813 is not a proper username. Just your phone number.
  3. Multiple accounts can’t use the same credentials.  Couples, for instance, may set up separate accounts, but to build up points faster, we suggest sharing an account.
  4. If you are unable to get your account to work, please do not set up a second account, please email us at contact@bbtheatres.com.  Please include your name, the phone number on the account and your email address.

Guests will be given the opportunity to enter Backstage Pass Numbers when tickets are purchased at fandango.com and atomtickets.com. For gift card purchases, the sale must be made in person at the Box Office in order for Backstage Pass points to be awarded.

YES! All locations participate in our Backstage Pass Loyalty Program!

All of the information collected from the Backstage Pass registration form is used to enhance the guest experience and expedite the application of the program at the point of sale. Name and phone number are required to access and verify account holder identification. Email addresses are used simply to communicate promotions and program updates to members and will not be sold or spammed. Birthdates are used only for the purposes of guest-specific promotions (birthday coupons), and zip codes help B&B Theatres to track Backstage usage and improve the customer experience.

Thank you for signing up! If it is your first time, make sure to create your credentials to link your account.

Backstage Pass Terms and Conditions