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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats does B&B Live hold?

There are 300 seats plus 6 wheelchair spaces.

Is there a deposit to hold the space for a certain date?

Yes - 25% of the Rental Fee

What is the cancellation policy?

Renter may cancel no less than (14) days before the scheduled rental period begins.
Any cancellation must be submitted in writing and acknowledged by an authorized representative of B&B Theatres. Cancellations that are made less than (14) days prior to the start date will result in a charge of 50% of the contracted rental fee.

What times are we able to arrive and depart from the theater on the day(s) of our rental?

Anyone who is renting our theater is allowed to start/end any time they would like, but the facility supervision fee varies.

What is the Facility Supervision Fee?

A B&B Live Facility Supervisor will be on-site for the contracted rental hours plus one hour before and one hour after for setup and takedown. The Supervisor is there to oversee the facility, answer questions, and resolve any issues encountered, but is not able to serve as a stage hand / stage manager, etc. Tech Assistant(s) must also be hired if advanced sound or lighting is required.

Standard Supervision Fee = $15/hour Before 8am or After 10pm = $18/hour

Standard Tech Assistant Fee = $10/hour Before 8am or After 10pm = $12/hour

Does B&B Live provide stage hands, stage managers, etc.?


Can we rent B&B Live for a full-scale musical/theatrical production?

No. The main focus for B&B Live is to support our resident theater company, MTKC, while also having it readily available for movie showings as needed. B&B Live is only available for short-term rentals (such as a corporate events, ceremonies, dance recitals, etc).

How big is the stage at B&B Live?

Our stage is a total 24 feet deep and 48 feet across. Inside the wing curtains is approximately 42 feet across.

How big is the dance floor in the rehearsal hall at B&B Live?

Our dance floor is a total 18 feet deep and 36 feet across.
Its size closely resembles the main performance space of the stage.

Is there a main curtain that opens/closes across the front of the stage?

We do not have a main curtain, but we do have sliding “wing” curtains on the side that are able to rotate and move upstage and downstage.

Is the B&B Live stage safe to tumble or dance on?

Yes our stage is built to withstand lots of dancing and some tumbling. We do full musicals with big dance numbers including some very elite tumbling and high intensity dancing including: leaps, turns, bounds and spins.

How can I get music through the speakers?

Our sound board is a Yamaha TF3 and is compatible with an auxiliary cable or a USB cable. Note: It is not bluetooth compatible.

Does B&B Live provide a device for music?

No, if you are renting the theater please bring a computer, phone or iPad to be used specifically for playing music through our speaker system. Note: You will need to have a member of your own staff or a volunteer to play the music from your device.

How can I get images projected onto the movie screen?

Our theater is equipped with a state-of-the-art movie projector and is accessed via HDMI cable (provided).
Renters must design their own projections and provide their own laptop with an HDMI port.

Are the dressing rooms connected to the theater?

The dressing rooms/rehearsal area are in the same building but are not directly connected. There is a covered walkway that safely connects the rehearsal room to the stage door. All rental groups must use this walkway to access the stage - access through the lobby during a performance is not allowed.

What lighting options are available?

The majority of our rental packages make use of our standard preset lighting plots.
If your event requires custom lighting design, please call (913) 486-5595 to discuss options. (Note: Our light board is an Ion XE20)

NOTE: B&B Live does not have spotlights, but there are 4 moving lights which can be set to a specific location and mimic the effect of a spotlight.

Are we able to bring movie theater concessions into the live theater?

Yes. Concessions are available for sale in the lobby.

Are the performers allowed to use glitter / glitter spray for performances?

No, unless you want to pay an additional $150 Glitter Removal Fee.

Where should my guests park?

Anyone participating in the show or on staff should park in the east lot behind the movie theater.
Audience members should park in front and enter through the main movie theater doors. B&B Live is located just off the lobby, in Auditorium #7.

Does B&B Live provide ushers?

The main B&B ushers will take/scan tickets when guests enter the lobby.

However, the renters must provide ushers at the doors to the theater to hand out programs, show patrons to their seats, etc.

Updated March 2021

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