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B&B Theatres has implemented a three-tiered discount structure which impacts various applications within our cinema locations. One of these applications is our Discounted Gift Card Program.
Devised to appeal to a range of movie-goers from single families to large institutions, Discounted Gift Cards allow theater credit to be purchased for less than its redemption value. The applicable discount is determined by dollars spent over a twelve month period. The discount tiers are:

  • 10% discount: $300-$1499
  • 15% discount: $1500-$2499
  • 20% discount: $2500 or more

For a practical example, we can take a look at a family of four that attends the cinema once a month. Each visit might cost the family $50, or at total of $600 over the course of a year. This family could achieve the 10% discount and purchase a $600 Gift Card for only $540, allowing them to maintain their same habits for less money!
On a larger scale, a local manufacturer might decide to incentivize each of its 350 employees by giving each a $10 Gift Card to B&B Theatres. From the outset, the option would cost the company $3500. The company, however, earns a 20% savings and drops the total to $2800, or only $8 for every $10 card.
The Gift Cards do not expire, there is no service fee, and the balance on each card can be redeemed toward anything that B&B sells. These options naturally include tickets and concession items, but also extended menu food choices, standees, and alcoholic beverages (where available).

The Discounted Gift Card Program is a simple way to make your dollars go further at the Box Office or to give employees, students, or family members a gift that affords them the freedom to spend how they like!

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