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Birthday Parties at Wildwood 10

Bring the Magic of the Movies to your child's birthday party!

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private auditorium

Private Screenings & Theatre Rental

Many of our auditoriums at Wildwood 10 are available for rent.

A unique experience for your employees, families, or customers!


Sensory Friendly Film Events

Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy an experience at the movie theater, but we understand that certain sensitivities can make this challenging. B&B Theatres, however, is committed to creating environments where cinema lovers of all types can watch a movie in comfort and without fear of judgment or rebuke.

retro night

Retro Nights

At B&B Theatres, we believe that every movie deserves to be seen on the big screen. So, we introduce to you: B&B Retro Nights! These special events take place at least once every month, and provide the opportunity to see classic films of yesteryear back on cinema screens where they belong! The best part? Admissions are only $6.00 for Backstage Pass Members or $8.00 standard admission, making our Retro Nights some of the most fun and affordable cinema experiences available anywhere!

See it for the first time on the BIG SCREEN, or relive a cult classic like it was meant to be seen.

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