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B&B Theatres offers group VIP ticket packages at a rate below traditional adult evening admission price. This program allows participating organizations to purchase quantities of discounted tickets for distribution to employees, students, faculty, team members, and other applications. Each ticket is sold at a discounted prices and packages of tickets must be purchased in increments of one hundred (100) or increments of 50 beyond that amount (150, 200, 250, etc) . Elementary schools and related organizations will sometimes choose to use the tickets as rewards or incentives. Some colleges and large manufacturing companies sell the tickets to students or employees for only a dollar or two, thus recouping some of the initial cost but still providing a value and discount to the user.

The tickets do not expire and can be redeemed at any B&B Theatres location. While various upcharges would be applied when redeemed for Grand Screen, Marquee Suite, RealD 3D, or other premium, venue-specific features, VIP Tickets are a wonderful way to offer discounted tickets to large groups. VIP Ticket purchases are processed by our corporate office and are not available for purchase in theatres. Tickets will be shipped via UPS once payment is received.

Gift Cards and VIP Tickets are not able to be used for to pay for private rentals and to secure an event, it would require payment of the auditorium in full which is refundable up to 7 days prior. 

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